Clone of 22-1 • Let Em Watch x Medicine Man

$300/dose • $200/dose Contract • guaranteed settle
Ear Notch: 81-2 • Reg# 168383001

Owned with: Harlan Reid

-The Clones of 22-1, the Grand Overall Barrow Team Purebred CPS 2021, 4th Overall Barrow Indiana State Fair 2021, Reserve Berk Expo & NJSS, Market Hog of the Year Finalist
-Thank you to Harlan Reid for your $30,000 40% investment on the clones in The Exchange
-Mother is a littermate to the Champion Berkshire The Exposition 2019
-The clones are as off type, far reaching, and exotic looking as you’ll ever find. Simply put they’ve been remade after the most unique berkshire barrow we’ve ever laid eyes on

Clone 22-1

Clone 22-1

All semen is guaranteed settle up to 30 days from semen purchase date. Semen will be replaced at the sellers expense minus shipping and packing. Guaranteed settle is only valid after the purchase of 2 doses is paid for in full.

Isaak Beaman• 574-527-2217
Brian, Isaak and Ethan Beaman

Showpig Division:
8230 N Co Rd 1000 E • Twelve Mile, IN 46988
Boar Division:
7542 E Co Rd 800 N • Twelve Mile, IN 46988