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Family Tree
Ear Notch: 6-3 • Registration # 401688003 • STRESS NEGATIVE

Cryin Shame x He’s The One

*Never imagined we would have the opportunity to lay a red in like this, with a sow family like this
*Extra he-hog feature but still neat and attractive in his look
*Heavy, heavy boned and can flat motor all day long
*Built so much better in his knee, front foot, and shoulder than 95% of the breed
*Runs uphill but still opens so genuine and square out of the backside of his blade
*Best bred to one's in heat, this one's kind simply makes hogs better

Bred by and owned with: Boling Showpigs


Isaak Mersch • 574-527-2217
Brian, Erica, and Ethan Beaman

Showpig Division:
8230 N Co Rd 1000 E • Twelve Mile, IN 46988
Boar Division:
7542 E Co Rd 800 N • Twelve Mile, IN 46988