Beer Goggles

Green Bottles x Whiplash

$250/dose • guaranteed settle

Ear Notch: 1-1 • Registration #431667001

-Mother is from Doug Stewart & is a full sib to Whip & Spur
-Looks like a big ring show barrow with the biggest limbs of any red boar we’ve ever laid in
-Short backed with a great big motor, this things way opened up, up high and down low
-This hogs impressive from a square shape and muscle standpoint, we’ve needed our red pigs to crease harder up high and he looks like a very quick fix
-Very, Very, Very loose built, Beer Goggles doesn’t have a tight joint in his body and almost covers his track from the side
-Wild looking, maybe the single most unique thing about beer goggles is his stoutness of jaw, length of neck, and ability to throw his head 12 inches about his shoulder blade

Raised by: Country Girls Showpigs • Owned With: Farrer Stock Farms & Sieren Swine Far


All semen is guaranteed settle up to 30 days from semen purchase date. Semen will be replaced at the sellers expense minus shipping and packing. Guaranteed settle is only valid after the purchase of 2 doses is paid for in full.

Isaak Beaman• 574-527-2217
Brian, Isaak and Ethan Beaman

Showpig Division:
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Boar Division:
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