Comin' In Hot


$250/dose • guaranteed settle

MN Youth Livestock Expo
Champion Poland gilt
5th overall breeding gilt
Shown by Nicole Koziolek

Champion Poland
Michigan Livestock Expo
Shown by: Olivia Birchmeier
RAISED BY: Look Livestock

4th Overall Poland Gilt Indiana State Fair
Shown by: Laine Bronaugh
Raised by: BEAMAN

5th Overall Poland Gilt Indiana State Fair
Shown by: TJ Rice
Raised by: BEAMAN

3rd Overall Poland Barrow Indiana State Fair
Shown by: Klaire Hinsel
Raised by: 650 SHOWPIGS

Champion Poland gilt
San Antonio Stock Show 2022
Raised by Rains • Shown by Rains
Sired by Comin In Hot

Champion Poland Barrow
Houston Livestock Show 2022
Raised by Rains
Sired by Comin In Hot

Reserve Champion Poland Barrow
Indiana State Fair 2022
Sired by: Comin In Hot
Raised by BEAMAN

EN: 63-2 • Registration# 54155002 • STRESS NEGATIVE

*Nothing but smiles watching this one come off the trailer, bar none one of our sharper purchases since starting Beaman West

*Incredible presence, look, and design one that’ll flat fix structure issues in the Poland breed

*Ears that come out of the side of his skull with one of the squarest backs and biggest arms we’ve ever seen

*The added foot size, bone, and natural mass will ensure our babies stay stout, the added look presence, and length of hip will guarantee his offspring will have a shots when it counts

*Fresh blood coming in from the Southwest, Cory tells us that these are some of the best babies he’s ever started and this boar was not offered semen to the public this spring

*It’s so hard to make polands run uphill, be long enough hipped and still feed as genuine as Comin’ In Hot does, he’s going to see a large number of sows here this fall, our unicorn has arrived



All semen is guaranteed settle up to 30 days from semen purchase date. Semen will be replaced at the sellers expense minus shipping and packing. Guaranteed settle is only valid after the purchase of 2 doses is paid for in full.

Isaak Beaman • 574-527-2217
Brian Beaman • 574-206-3400
Drew Farrer • 574-702-1310
Brian, Isaak and Ethan Beaman

Showpig Division:
8230 N Co Rd 1000 E • Twelve Mile, IN 46988
Boar Division:
7542 E Co Rd 800 N • Twelve Mile, IN 46988